Vibrant. Every day.

The Kinnet is a revolutionary wellness centre designed to help anyone live a better life for a longer time. Our holistic all-in-one approach includes a full fitness and creative learning centre where you can energize your body, sharpen your mind and elevate your mood. We also offer The Restaurant by The Kinnet, serving nutritious, gourmet cuisine to boost your health and energy levels. 

Visit us and discover how to enhance your vitality and enjoy the physical, mental and emotional advantages of successful ageing. 


Continue to be vibrant. Every day.


Fitness classes of The Kinnet helps rebuild muscles, increase endurance and strengthen your bones. PHYSICAL WELLNESS

Your body is where you often feel the effects of ageing first. Muscle strength, balance and mobility all start to become compromised. Ageing can, however, be countered by proper exercise that rebuilds muscles, increases endurance and strengthens your bones.

Creative classes of The Kinnet  boost your cognitive reserves and nourish your brain. MENTAL WELLNESS

Like your body, your mind also follows the simple rule of “use it or lose it”. The good news is that you can continue to strengthen your cognitive reserve as you age due to the brain’s ability to develop throughout your life. Our learning classes equip you with sound knowledge of how to boost your cognitive reserves and our hands-on creative classes nourish your brain with performance enhancing inspiration.

Classes incorporate meditation and stress management to improve your mental wellness. EMOTIONAL WELLNESS

Daily moods and their influence on our health are proof that every aspect of our minds and bodies is interconnected. At The Kinnet, our specially designed classes incorporate meditation, stress management and mindfulness techniques to help you improve your emotional wellness at a time when life changes, like retirement, may throw up challenges.