Personal Training

To help you achieve your goals faster, our Personal Trainers provide professional exercise planning and instruction, motivation and feedback. Sessions last 60 minutes and are individually tailored to take into account your lifestyle, activities and general health.


Speak with our team of Gym Instructors or Concierge to arrange a free consultation with one of our Personal Trainers or to book your session.





By using the science of sport and movement, a sports therapist can create a safe, effective and tailor-made program to care for and enhance your current physiological fitness. Following an assessment of your current health, posture and flexibility, existing injuries can be evaluated and alleviated, physical habits improved upon and performance optimised.


Your sports therapist may use a combination of sports and remedial massage to ease muscles and injuries, various rehabilitation training exercises to increase strength and endurance of specific muscle groups and joints, gentle stretches to increase range of motion and flexibility, and physiotherapy.


For further information or to book an appointment, speak with one of our Concierge.







Our professional dieticians will work with you to understand your current diet and your health, identify any potential risks, then create a practical, good-for-you and good-tasting menu tailored to your specific lifestyle. 

Nutritional counselling can help you eat your way to a healthier, longer and more energetic life. When combined with a program of enjoyable exercise, you’ll be able to maintain and even improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing for many years to come. 




Active Isolated Stretch Therapy

Active Isolated Stretch (AIS) is rope and/or therapist-assisted stretching, designed to balance the body by stretching tight muscles and strengthening weak muscles. Poses are held for just 1.5 to 2 seconds to avoid triggering the body’s protective contract reflex, and to keep muscles oxygenated and isolated.  AIS is one of the latest technique in restoring balance in the muscles and joints to lower the risk of injury. The result is noticeable right away. Sessions are conducted in our private treatment rooms and generally last 60 minutes.


For further information or to book an appointment, speak with one of our Concierge.





Accredited Physiotherapists are on hand to provide expert assistance for the diagnosis and treatment of a range of musculoskeletal conditions of acute or chronic nature. Sessions are conducted in our private treatment rooms and generally last 50 minutes.


For further information or to book an appointment, speak with one of our Concierge.





Our broad range of workshops provides opportunities to explore and develop life-enhancing practices and pursuits ranging from new approaches to physical training to artistic and creative fulfillment.


Workshops are run as a course structure with one session per week for multiple weeks, offering participants an opportunity to develop a deeper level of knowledge and skills than achievable in single session classes.


Workshops are open to the public and numbers are limited so see our list of up-coming workshops below and book with one of our Concierge to secure your place.