Class Descriptions



Our learning and studio classes are led by experts who are passionate about wellness and committed to ensuring you get the most out of each session.


Sessions at The Kinnet are carefully tailored in order to develop and enhance an active lifestyle and fall under three categories:

  Learning seminars to expand your intellect

Interactive classes to develop and flex your creativity

  Fitness classes to invigorate your body

Most of our classes are open to all guests who have joined The Kinnet*, so explore our calendar of classes below.


Guests who have joined The Kinnet can sign up for classes using our online calendar or may simply call us to register.


*Subject to space availability. Fees may apply to special events and workshops as indicated.


Fitness Classes Creative Classes

Fitness Classes


Aerobics (Basic)

A great starting point for anyone interested in learning to have fun with simple aerobics steps and stretching. Increase your cardiovascular and muscular fitness by alternating low-impact aerobics and strengthening exercises using light weights and bands for resistance.

Aerobics (Intermediate)

A great starting point for anyone interested in learning to have fun with aerobics steps and stretching. Increase your cardiovascular and muscular fitness by alternating high-impact aerobics and strengthening exercises using light weights and bands for resistance.

Baduanjin (Basic)

Baduanjin originated during the Sung Dynasty and is based on the eight movements derived from the concept of the Eight Diagrams in Yi Jing (The Book of Changes). The mind-body practice of Qigong Baduanjin integrates Baduanjin with safe movements based on modern kinematics and physiology.

Body Conditioning & Stretch (Basic)

This class will help your flexibility, balance, range of motion, posture as well as reduce risk of injury while doing exercise. Through a variety of stretching techniques that can be easily adapted to individual, "Body conditioning & stretch" is ideal for anyone with back pain and tight muscles.

Circuit Training (Basic)

Get your heart rate up and strengthen your muscles by training on our special Kinesis@ Stations. Circuit training involves moving through a course of exercises which provides a great total-body workout.

Funky Dance (Basic)

Join a friend and have fun increasing your cardio fitness. Funky dance is an inspirational class of invigorating music and simple moves that will improve your sense of rhythm, balance and grace. Your overall fitness, endurance and mobility will grow and you’ll feel energized at the end of the session.

Hatha Yoga (Basic)

Our Hatha Yoga is a relaxed style of yoga. Ease muscle tension, increase your flexibility, boost your mood and relax your mind during a session that will focus on slow and gentle movements, reinforcing your mind-body connection and leaving you with a profound sense of physical, mental and spiritual calm.

Mat Pilates (Basic)

These no-impact classes concentrate on controlled breathing, gentle body movements and light resistance, making Pilates a very safe way to exercise. Fortify your core muscles, improve your posture, and increase your stability and coordination to improve balance and reducing the risk of falls.

Qigong Exercise (Basic)

Qigong is derived from various traditional Chinese conditioning exercises, including Wuqinxi, Mulan Arts, Baduanjin and Chinese Folk Dance. Through this mind-body practice, participants not only enhance their cardio-respiratory functions and flexibility, but also work on strengthening their mental and physical fitness.

Rou Li Gong – Tai Chi 13 movements

Rou Li Gong is a basic martial arts training. This is made up of rudimentary techniques including conditioning exercises, stances to improve flexibility, endurance, speed and power.

Different forms of Taichi will also be introduced which can gradually build up your internal and external strength, stamina, and improve balance and coordination.

Step Aerobics (Basic)

With the use of 4- to 12-inch platform or step, it is a low-impact form of exercise that is less stressful on the joints than higher impact exercises such as jogging or running. The class will start with a warm-up, proceed to step patterns, and end with a cool-down and stretch. It is not only a low-impact exercise, but it could also provide an effective cardiovascular workout.

Stretch and Relax (Basic)

This class is designed for you to learn how to perform relaxing self-massage techniques, which is ideal to target trigger points, muscles, and sooth tight fascia. You will feel an increase in blood flow and circulation to the soft issues. The techniques will allow you to ease lower back pain and protect against future injuries.

Tai Chi (Basic)

Tai Chi is an ancient form of Chinese boxing that has evolved over hundreds of years into a mind-body wellness exercise. It emphasizes slow, steady, rhythmic movements and gentle stretching, helping to improve the cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, respiratory and nervous systems.

Yi Jin Jing (Basic)

Yi Jin Jing is a series of tendon-muscle strengthening Qigong exercises to enhance your physical health when practiced consistently. This exercise aims at training your muscles and tendons according to Qi circulation, so as to improve strength and flexibility, speed and stamina, balance and overall coordination of your body. This class will focus on 8 specific postures for you to develop stronger muscles and better balance.

Yoga & Meditation (Basic) ENG

The goal of meditation is to focus and quiet your mind, eventually reaching a constant higher level of awareness and inner calm. Once the rudiments have been picked up one can meditate anywhere, allowing an immediate access to a sense of tranquility and peace at any time.

Yoga Therapy (Basic)

Yoga therapy is the adaptation and application of Yoga techniques to help individuals facing health challenges at any level manage their condition, reduce symptoms, restore balance, increase vitality, and improve attitude.

This class will focus on how various yoga asanas can be used to heal common health issues which include improving posture, aid bone strengthening, gentle stretching exercises to help strengthen the body, and calming the mind to aid the body to return to its natural rhythm.

Zumba (Intermediate)

A fun mix of Latin American dance and aerobics, Zumba is an addictive program of easy-to-follow cardio moves performed to Latin-inspired music. Your muscle strength, coordination and endurance will improve, while your metabolism and mood will be lifted.

Zumba Gold (Basic)

Similar to Zumba Basic, Zumba Gold takes the pace down a little, focusing more on the warm up and cool down periods for those with mobility issues. Using a chair is optional.


Creative Classes


Acrylic Painting

This class is designed to guide you through demonstrations and practice to enhance your techniques of expression, as well as develop your skills in acrylic painting. Acrylic paints are very versatile and can help foster your creativity in different styles of painting.

Chinese Calligraphy

In this course, participants can further their study of calligraphy by practicing the rules of brush usage (dot, horizontal stroke, falling stroke, vertical stroke and hook), as well as learning the structural combination of characters and overall spatial arrangement for the whole piece of calligraphy. Following the rules of the combination of Chinese characters, participants can express their versatility in the styles of the art of calligraphy, creating aesthetics of different appearances and tastes.

Chinese Flower Painting

If you have always loved art, or always wanted to try your hand at painting, Gongbi is one of the oldest techniques in Chinese fine art, dating back to the Han Dynasty. The name comes from ‘gong chin’ meaning ‘tidy’, and painting Gongbi is a highly precise, meticulous skill that results in a realist style.

Focusing on creating a piece of art, while learning a new skill, not only helps increase cognitive function, but is also a very effective way to reduce stress. Physically, mentally and emotionally when concentrating on such fine detail the worries of the world retreat and a deep calm ensues.

Chinese Free - Style Painting

This form of painting is one of the oldest artistic traditions in the world, which allows one to express their mind through painting. Free-style painting is based on the idea of simplicity. The paintings are created without prior drafting and comprise of minimal brushstrokes. Just a few colors and tools are the main essentials for this art. Through this class, you will learn free flow painting skills and how to bring to life the versatility, vividness and movement of the subjects.

Chinese Paper Cutting

The art of Chinese paper cutting has been prized for many thousands of years, and are used for decoration as well as given as gifts and regarded as lucky. It is easy to learn and requires practicing a new skill and using the imagination for the best results.

Exploring Watercolor

The dreamy, poetic art of watercolour may be one of the easier genres of art to pick up, but it is also endlessly challenging. Experiment with colour and composition. Learn how to control the mix of water and paint to create a beautiful picture, using wash, opaque, erasing and tinting skills.

Experimenting with colour and composition is not only sociable and fun, it also stretches your imagination and exercises your creativity. Focusing on the different techniques boosts concentration levels and magically reduces stress.

Porcelain Painting

Porcelain Painting is an art that uses porcelain pieces as the canvas and coloured glazes as the paints. You will be guided through techniques for applying and layering the glazes to achieve a variety of different visual effects. The porcelain pieces will then be fired in a kiln at temperatures of over 800ºC to set the glaze, creating your work of art for you to keep.


This class focuses on basic vocal training. You will learn to feel more comfortable and find joy and creative expression through your singing voice. In this class, you’ll receive supportive guidance, building camaraderie with fellow students as we begin with a solid foundation in technique and then apply those basic ideas in guided group singing. A wide range of styles of singing will be explored, from Broadway Musicals to Western and Chinese classics, which can enhance your confidence in singing and unleash your spirit.