A revolutionary centre
designed for your wellness


A luxurious and welcoming space, every aspect of The Kinnet has been thoughtfully designed. Taking an holistic approach to active ageing that benefits your entire lifestyle, our centre targets the wellbeing of your mind, your body and your spirit. The result is a unique facility that combines a fully equipped fitness gym, a learning centre to enhance your mental sharpness and The Restaurant by The Kinnet serves refreshingly healthy and delicious fare. Your wellness is our priority. 


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Fitness Centre

Spread over an entire floor, our fitness centre offers an expansive gym
with cutting-edge equipment designed to give you the latest in fitness training.


Our fitness centre offers cutting - edge equipment specially designed for active ageing.

Carefully selected for an active ageing lifestyle, the fitness centre’s equipment is designed to give you optimal results while minimizing the risk of injury. We offer classes such as yoga, tai chi, dance and more to get you moving towards better physical health. We also boast a team of personal trainers, physiotherapists and holistic wellness practitioners to give you a complete wellbeing experience. 


See our class schedule for a full list of fitness studio classes.

Learning Classes

Through inspiring intellectual stimulation the negative effects of ageing on mental health can be diminished and delayed.


Learning classes delay the negative effects of ageing.

Our learning classes combine professional talks and hands-on instructive sessions, ensuring that boosting creativity, acquiring new mental skills and elevating your mood are always at the heart of the process. 


You might learn about the science behind ageing, explore how crafts can engage the mind or have your mood uplifted by creating a piece of art. Alternatively you may choose the tranquil strength of a tai chi class or the grounding of meditation.


Led by experts in their fields, these classes take place in one of our spacious studios designed to welcome and encourage participation. 


See our class schedule for a full list of offerings.


What we eat fuels our bodies, minds and spirits. So it is no surprise that
eating well is one of the keys to improving your total holistic wellness and staving off the signs of age.


The Restaurant by The Kinnet serves natural and rejuvenating dishes made with finest ingredients.

We are passionate about serving naturally rejuvenating dishes packed with delicious flavours. Whether you are looking for a full, nutritious meal, an afternoon snack or a post-class, freshly pressed juice, The Restaurant by The Kinnet is the perfect place to relax, replenish and revive. 


 The Restaurant by The Kinnet menu is proud to offer:

- Fresh, seasonal organic ingredients

- Low-sodium options

- Gluten-free items

- Sugar-free desserts

- Cold-pressed juices

- No MSG