Being healthy is important at any stage of life, but is especially critical when the effects of ageing are beginning to be felt. In the past, people simply submitted to the decline of their bodies and minds. Now, thanks to scientific research, we know that there are steps we can all take to live longer, more vibrant lives. At The Kinnet, our philosophy is founded on the evidence-based concept of successful ageing by building up cognitive and physical reserves. This not only improves our health in the present but also delays the effects of ageing on our  physical, mental and emotional wellness in the long term.


Your body is where you often feel the effects of ageing first.
Muscle strength, balance and mobility all start to become compromised.


Daily activities, once taken for granted, like walking, golfing or lifting a grandchild, slowly become more difficult. This gradual decline limits your ability to fully enjoy your days.


Ageing can, however, be countered by proper exercise that rebuilds muscles, increases endurance and strengthens your bones. More importantly, leading an active lifestyle has been shown to delay the onset of further physical decline, keeping you more mobile and energized for longer.


At The Kinnet we believe it is never too late to start building up your physical reserves and our full fitness centre includes certified personal trainers, physiotherapists and a wide choice of fitness classes to keep you moving and active.

The Kinnet is providing personal training services and physiotherapy.The Kinnet offers wide range of classes including stretching, funky dance and zumba etc for relaxation. Fitness classes include aerobics, funky dance, zumba, yoga and pilates

Like your body, your mind also follows the simple rule of "use it or lose it".


The good news is that you can continue to strengthen your cognitive reserve as you age due to the brain’s ability to develop throughout your life. Building higher cognitive reserves now will delay and minimize the impact of age-related weakening of the mind later. Proper mental exercise takes advantage of the brain’s neuroplasticity, the idea that brains can and do continue to develop, irrespective of age, increasing overall cognitive function and playing a powerful preventive role.


Our learning classes equip you with sound knowledge of how to boost your cognitive reserves and our hands-on creative classes nourish your brain with performance enhancing inspiration. See our calendar of classes and discover sessions that will stretch your mind and strengthen it against the drawbacks of ageing.

The art of Chinese paper cutting is easy to learn.Interactive classes to develop and flex your creativityThe mind-body practice of Qigong Baduanjin integrates Baduanjin with safe movements based on modern kinematics and physiology.

Daily moods and their influence on our health are proof that every aspect of our minds and bodies is interconnected.


When you exercise your body and stimulate your mind, you feel better, and when you feel better, you're more motivated to move your body, learn more and engage with others. Maintaining your emotional wellness can not only boost all aspects of your wellness, it is a proven proactive defence against ageing. 


At The Kinnet, our specially designed classes incorporate meditation, stress management and mindfulness techniques to help you maintain and improve your emotional wellness. When you boost your mood you directly enhance the functions of your mind and body which in turn helps enhance your relationships with those around you, from your peers to your grandchildren.


Participants can further their study of calligraphy by practicing the rules of brush usageOur painting class allows one to express their mind through painting.Our various classes are carefully tailored in order to develop and enhance an active lifestyle.



Although ageing is a fact of life, you can change and control how you age. By acquiring the right tools, exercising both your body and your mind, and taking the time to connect with others, you will build up your reserves today and better ensure your wellness tomorrow. 


The important thing is to start now. Learn more about increasing your wellness at The Kinnet.


Visit us and start to redefine your age today.